Peter Apostolopoulos - Managing Partner / Watchmaker — taking VCR’s apart as a young child just so he could see how they worked was probably all the evidence needed that Peter would eventually end up doing something like watchmaking. While the foundation of the business was taught to him by his step father, via apprenticeship, Peter took it upon himself to dig deeper and learn the finer nuances of horology on his own. Now, with 18 years of experience, Peter looks forward to servicing and restoring that special watch in your collection.

Stefan Lusardi - Managing Partner / Jeweler —  When you have a father who grew up as a bench jeweler its hard not to follow in his shoes. Stefan had always showed an interest in jewelry, even as a child. When the time was right the (jewelers) torch was passed on from father to son. Stefan is the head Jeweler and designer for Alchemist and he looks forward to assisting you with your next jewelry project.

Jonathan Chang - Managing Partner — Jon is the glue that holds everything together. Having worked with both Peter and Stefan for the better part of two decades he helps to keep everything running smoothly. Jon assists in much of the quartz watch repair as well as jewelry design.